How This Window Cleaner 10X Their Enquiries With 1 Smart SEO Campaign

Just having a great website is no longer enough. It’s a competitive world we live in. Get found or get left behind.


Lack of sales is a massive reason most businesses fail.

 A business can only increase its profit by either putting up prices – not easy in a competitive market or by cutting its cost base.

Window cleaners traditionally don’t have a high-cost base, so the only way forward is to generate more enquiries that can become sales.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get more website traffic and leads whilst going about your everyday business?

Your website should be your 24 hour – 7 days a week salesperson for 52 weeks of the year.

However, for our client Vision Exterior Cleaning this was not the case.

Unfortunately, they are not alone with this situation.

We specilaise in Window Cleaning SEO and read on to see how we helped Vision Exterior Cleaning.

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Boyd and Blake, the owners of Vision Exterior Cleaning of Solihull, have successfully cleaned in and around Solihull, Birmingham for several years.

They had a modern website and at the time over forty 5 star Google Reviews.

To them, it did not make sense that most days, they were not getting any enquiries.

It seemed like as the weeks passed by they were sliding down the Google search results page?

Newer and less established competitors were pushing them down the search results page.

The phone was not ringing, and hardly any email enquiries were coming from the website.

From the image below, you can see for 18 months they were getting an average of only 8 visits a month.

image of website traffic trend ws4wc

Carry on reading and discover how Vision managed to melt their phone and 10X their enquiries!

Every small business owners dream is to have a consistent flow of new enquiries.

Here’s how they did it.


The beauty of SEO and Web design is that I can do my work from anywhere in the world; however, I do try and meet my clients in person.

Unfortunately due to my location in Wrexham and their location in Solihull, it wasn’t practical especially when you throw lockdowns into the mix!

Even though they were doing great work, I realised they needed more enquiries and leads.

The most cost-effective way of doing this was through the website and cranking up their Google My Business.

Their website was a few years old and was a great foundation.

A few months previously, I had done an audit on their website, so I already had a good understanding of the immediate areas to fix.

The last thing I wanted to do was to rip the site apart and potentially loose what keywords and optimisation they had already.

Anything I changed on the website was done with the golden rule of “Don’t mess up what was working already.”

The layout and design was a few years old – not flashy or trick but served its purpose.

The structure was not perfect, and I had to resist the urge to restructure it as I was on a budget and whilst not perfect the structure would work.

There were some pages that I wanted to remove, but I resisted the temptation and stuck to the “Golden Rule” of not messing anything up that was working already.



  1. Increase main Keyword rankings for Google
  2. Increase backlinks and citations
  3. Sweat their Google My Business asset


  1. Increase main Keyword rankings, especially on Google.

I identified several keywords that we wanted to rank for – these were mainly along the lines of service and location keywords such as “window cleaning Solihull.”

We take a look at what keywords the competitors are ranking for and how they are achieving those rankings.

We have several tools in the toolbox for this purpose, and I use Ahrefs as our primary go-to tool of choice.

Ahrefs will also tell us the level of searches per month for any particular keyword.

It’s essential to do this as you don’t want to be wasting effort on a search term nobody is using.

The next stage was to optimise the website content with these keywords to attract relevant search queries.

I also optimised the Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

Google is always refining its ranking algorithms to make the search results more accurate for its users and supplying a better user experience.

Day zero organic positioning report.

image of position tracking ws4wc

As you can see from this photo, the site was hardly ranking for any keywords at all.

image of keyword tracker ws4wc

  1. Increase Backlinks and Citations

Backlinks are mentions of your website on other websites and show Google how relevant your site and its content are.

Backlinks are the #1 indicator to search engines like Google that your site is essential and the more links you have, the more relevant you are.

Not all backlinks are equal, and some are outright dangerous.

Spammy backlinks will find your site penalised and possibly even banished from Google and other search engines.

Citations are listings on directories that allow you to list your website and therefore providing a link to it from their directory.

Yell is a well-respected website, so a link or citation from Yell has a higher authority (rank) than one from a lesser-known local directory.

image of backlink audit ws4wc

Vision had only a few backlinks. I knew from completing a competitor’s analysis that the #1 ranking window cleaning site in Solihull had 125 backlinks.

My mission was to gain about 100 backlinks and citations but of a higher quality so my 100 would outrank their 125.

After 3 months our backlink profile looked like this.

image of backlink score ws4wc

  1. Sweat their Google My Business Asset

I cannot stress enough how important having a well optimised Google My Business (GMB) is to a local business for local SEO.

Google My Business is Google’s backyard, so why would you not bother sorting out your GMB?

Currently, it’s free; however, there are rumours that in the years to come Google will start charging for it.

Boyd and Blake had an excellent foundation already with lots of great 5-star feedbacks, but I still found areas that needed fixing.

These may apply to your business as well, so take a fresh look at your own GMB.

Reply to the Reviews.

It may only be an SEO myth that to gain the SEO juice from a customer review you need to reply to it. Even if it’s a myth, it’s still nice to say thank you.

Vision had replied to most but not all of their reviews so this was an easy win.

Activate Message Function.

Most people miss this tip, but it’s straightforward to do. Simply download the GMB App to your phone and activate the message function.

Potential customers love an instant response, and the message button function makes it so easy for them to contact you instantly.

There is a downside – if you consistently take too long to respond to messages, Google will remove the function from your GMB.

Optimise your Profile

Keywords, use your chosen keywords in your profile.

Help Google to help you and let people know precisely what you sell or what service you supply.

Once I knew what keywords Vision was chasing, I rewrote their GMB to focus on these keywords.

Images and Videos

In my opinion, this is the most critical factor on any GMB, especially for bricks and mortar establishments with the 360-degree feature.

To outrank your rivals, you need to have more images and videos than they do.

Vision do not have premises, as all of their work is on other people’s premises and homes.

So what Boyd did was to start a program of uploading a photo every day with a relevant keyword title such as “gutter cleaning LOCATION” and to upload a video once a month.

Customer uploaded content is also a good idea as this will say more to Google and potential customers than your own uploaded images.


If you are running a busy and active window cleaning business, then you don’t have time to do everything yourself.

You sometimes need to bring in the professionals so you can go and do what you are supposed to be doing.

An excellent example of this is carbon fibre water fed poles. In the early day’s people would convert a carbon fibre fishing pole into a water-fed pole, sounds crazy but people did!

Now you just go onto Gardiner’s website and buy a purpose-made tool for the job. Its faster, easier and cheaper in the long run.

SEO is no different.


During the 3 months of this SEO campaign, I had several chats with Boyd, and it was clear that after about 30 days, his level of enquiries and phone calls had dramatically increased.

His words on one such chat were “the phone is melting …. It’s ringing non-stop.”


The great thing about SEO is that it carries on working after all the work has stopped.

We cannot say the same for Facebook ads or Google Ads because once the budget is gone, then it’s gone for good.

A picture tells a thousand words; these are some screen grabs taken at the end of the 3-month campaign.


Here are the results of a careful keyword selection and well-optimised webpage content.

After 1 week, you can see how the optimised content has helped the site rank for more keywords, and over the 3 months, this just grew.

In the end, we had lots of top 3 ranking keywords with others ranking in lower positions.

image of keyword ranking graph


Day zero Vision had a total of 7 backlinks.

My target was 100 high quality and safe backlinks.

As you can see I managed to reach 102 backlinks, however, this will snowball into more and by this time next year could be over the 200 level.

image of backlink score ws4wc


This is how well your site ranks over your rivals for your chosen keywords.

On day zero, Vision was nowhere to be found as you can see from this screenshot.

image of keyword tracker ws4wc

However, take a look 3 months later, and now Vision is top of the pile!

image of visibility report ws4wc


Day zero Vision was receiving circa 8 visits per month.

Window cleaning sites, especially local window cleaners, will only have a low volume of visits.

I knew from experience that 8 to 10 was very low.

image of website traffic trend ws4wc

After 3 months of SEO, I had 10X their visits from 8 to 82!

image of estimated traffic trend ws4wc


SEO is an investment you need to make in these highly competitive times.In the viewpoint of Vision Exterior Cleaning every year, more and more people are setting up as window cleaners, and this is happening all over the UK.

The time when just having a great website was enough has long passed – you need to back it up with great SEO